Practical Bank Asset and Liability Management

Course dates:  11-13 November 2015

Venue:   Macquarie Applied Finance Centre (MAFC)

This course covers key aspects of bank asset and liability management (ALM).

Recent regulatory reforms, including in particular the ‘New Global Liquidity Standard’ added to global banking requirements in Basel lll will be discussed and analysed. Other key aspects of ALM including balance sheet and capital structure & management will be covered. The implications of Basel lll for bank strategic and business growth planning will be a point of focus.

This course gives participants hands on experience in making ALM decisions and then analysing the results using GuardB@nk ALM simulator.

Basic event brochure is Practical ALM Sydney 11-13 Sep 2015 Flyer.

Consumer Lending Workshop

Course 1 dates:  20-22 October 2015

Venue:   Cairo

Course 2 dates:  February2016

Venue:   Sydney (tba)


In this comprehensive workshop of the consumer business, participants learn the essentials about closed-end loans, indirect loans and related credit products, and open-end credit products. They also trace the consumer lending process from developing and taking loan applications to collection and recovery.

After successfully completing the consumer lending course, you will be able to: describe local key laws or regulations affecting consumer lending; list characteristics, benefits, and disadvantages of direct lending, indirect lending, and open-end credit products; explain how effective marketing can increase loans outstanding and application volume; describe consumer loan information sources and the credit verification process; explain how the five C’s of credit are used in credit evaluation and decision in the local and global markets along with regulations.

Registration and detailed information on the Cairo course available at

Detailed course outline for the Sydney course, with dates and location, to come soon.